How to Get Organized with Heavy Duty Shelving

heavy duty shelving

How to Get Organized with Heavy Duty Shelving

There are many different types of heavy duty shelving and many different ways they can be put to use. Some individuals may be looking for large scale, industrial storage and organization for large warehouses with all kinds of inventory to store. Others may just be looking for organization for their home and everyday uses. It can be confusing and complex to know which type of heavy duty shelving you need or even if you need heavy duty shelving. Hopefully this article will make it more easy and clear as to what you need or give ideas of what you may need and didn’t even know it.

Small-Scale Storage

Smaller scale storage and organization can be extremely helpful for at home purposes. Heavy duty shelving can be used for home organization in storage rooms or attics. It can support heavy bins holding all your seasonal decorations, old clothes you need to get rid of, kids toys, and everything in between. They’re convenient and easy to set up, making it a favorable option to get things done quick yet effectively. You can start out with starter units to see if it’ll be something that will work for you. Then if you find you need more storage, there are add-on units to extend your storage.heavy duty shelving

Personal Auto-Shop or Shed Organization

Another use for smaller scale heavy duty shelving is for personal shops or sheds. Industrial shelving can be the perfect way to store paint cans and tubs. It’s also great for things like gardening supplies, potting soil or bird feed. Industrial shelving has the strength and capability to hold up to 10,000 pounds, meaning you can store practically anything you’d find in a home. There are different options you can add on and change in your shelving unit as well, such as wire deck shelving or particle board shelving. You can customize the support that the shelving unit provides to fit your desired needs. There are low, medium, heavy duty, and extra heavy duty shelf supports to hold different load capacities that range from 500 pounds to 2,500 pounds.

Garage Storage

A personal garage is a place that usually needs storage and organization, but due to space constraints needs it done more efficiently than a big warehouse with loads of room. Heavy duty industrialshelving can be used to hold smaller items like spray paint cans, oil for your car, cleaning products, and much more. One of the major perks of industrial shelving units are their customizability. You can add steel sides, a back, and doors to keep everything contained and looking neat. You can also add wheels to the metal shelving units to make them mobile and easy to move around. Now you can bring your tools to you when working on your car, instead of walking across your garage every time you need something different.

heavy duty shelving

 Large Scale Storage

Heavy duty industrial shelving can be a good option for large scale uses as well. There are many different uses and businesses that metal shelving can be applied to. They have the strength to support most inventories, the ease of assembly to make it a quick and easy setup process, and are certainly cost effective. Because of this, they’re one of the most common storage solutions found in warehouses today.

One big benefit is that they’re customizable to the needs of the individual business. So, whether you are a smaller local business or a globally known name, you need storage and industrial metal shelving is the answer to efficient and effective organization.

Warehouse Organization

Warehouses are a good example of a large-scale use for metal shelving. Businesses that sell items in bulk are in need of ample amounts of storage to hold all of their inventory. For example, any stocking wholesaler would need a means of storing and organizing their products.

A library is another example of a perfect use for industrial shelving, with the rows upon rows of books that need organization. They can also be customized to be mobile in order to accommodate varying levels of inventory. If your inventory is low, you can simply leave a shelving unit empty and push it in-between two other shelves to make more room for other things.

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Auto Shop Storage

A common use for large scale heavy duty shelving is in tire and auto shops. Bulk storage shelving can hold up to 10,000 pounds per unit, which is perfect for heavy tire storage. This could also be needed in a large company that uses and fixes their own transportation vehicles. Using vertical storage can benefit a large or growing company, because by using vertical space it saves on ground space and on having to expand the storage facility. A much easier alternative is Tennsco’s Bulk Shelving that has only three components: the upright, the beam, and the decking. It’s easy enough to assemble that many users can put it together themselves.

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Industrial Shelving

A more versatile use for industrial shelving is any business, company, or storage facility that needs storage and organization. If you’re an auto shop that needs storage for your in-store inventory, Tennsco’s Z-Line Heavy Duty Shelving could be your solution to storage needs. These units can hold up to 750 pounds per individual shelf. They allow easy access from all sides of the unit and offer assembly that doesn’t require nuts or bolts, making it easier for the assembler.

Metal shelving can also offer a solution to the tricky fire codes you’re up against. It features perforated shelves or wire decks, which allow water from overhead sprinklers to reach all levels of the shelving unit. Metal shelving can hold up against heat and humidity, whereas wood or composite shelving often won’t. This brings us to the question of choosing between particleboard/wood shelving and wire decking.

While wood may be a ‘prettier’ and often cheaper alternative to metal for shelving surfaces, wood gives out over time and will need to be replaced a lot sooner than metal would. This is especially true in humid areas. Wood can also rot, making it more of a hassle and less safe in the long run.  Metal will stand up better against water, humidity, and the roughness of being bumped and pushed around. Wire decking is another good alternative that fights against those same nuisances. Wire decking is a better option for bulkier items where the holes won’t affect the product.

heavy duty shelving