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Ever found yourself in need of steel shelving, but unable to find a product that was able to meet your specific needs? Perhaps one of the shelving units needs to be open-style shelving, while another unit needs to be closed. Maybe, in addition, you’ll need a unit with bin-style shelving for even greater organization. Of course, you don’t want to have to buy three different industrial shelving systems. That would not only be time-consuming but probably pretty costly, as well.

Industrial Shelving Systems

If this is your predicament, you can be positive you’re not alone.  Regardless of what you’re storing, every business or individual’s storage requirements will be different, and not all industrial shelving is available in a way that allows it to be customizable to individual needs and preferences.  That’s perfectly fine if that shelving can accommodate your storage needs without being modified.  However, in most cases, it will be advantageous to the buyer to purchase an industrial shelving system that is customizable to their needs. The customizability of industrial shelving is a major factor when considering how to choose metal shelving for your specific space.

industrial steel shelving holds a variety of products

Our Top-Recommended Industrial Shelving System

Tennsco metal shelving is some of the highest quality industrial shelving systems on the market. That’s why we’re proud to be Tennsco distributors.

There’s a massive assortment of shelving available through both brick-and-mortar and internet retailers. It can take a while to wade through all of them to find exactly what you need.  As a material handling outfitter, we help customers navigate this industry to find shelving that lasts. If we were to suggest one shelving line for the masses it would be Tennsco Q-Line steel shelving. There is no more customizable, industrial shelving system than this.

Tennsco Q-Line shelving is a steel shelving line featuring steel shelves, a welded box beam construction, lapped welded corners, and triple bends on its side flanges. It’s an exceptionally versatile system that includes open, closed, and bin-style shelving units.  This feature gives the user the ability to design their own unique storage solution.  Not only does Q-Line shelving offer three different shelving options, but it offers a variety of shelving accessories, such as bin dividers, shelf drawers, panel kits, locking doors, label holders, and mezzanine components for additional customization.  This shelving can be used either in a standalone fashion or as connected units.

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