Crunching Warehouse Numbers

For some, simply looking at warehouse plans and pallet rack layouts does not give them enough confidence to make the final decision. They may understand pallet positions, forklifts, and rack systems, but what are the cost benefits of any given warehouse pallet rack system? Numerous factors can be involved in making a decision. In fact, there can be so many that it can get overwhelming.

We have found that we can help the decision-making process on forklifts, pallet racks, systems, and real estate by quantifying the results in dollars and cents.
Working together with our clients in gathering information such as warehouse lease rates, current pallet counts, future growth, moving costs, lot size, and SKU’s, a customized spreadsheet full of warehouse options can be developed. This spreadsheet can clearly show current costs, future costs, and return on their investment for warehousing equipment such as forklifts and pallet rack systems. In addition, decisions on types of pallet rack systems can be made from this by seeing what the payback may be for certain types of pallet racks or forklifts. For example, a layout with push-back pallet rack might show a higher initial investment but may have an overall lower cost in 3 years when compared to a layout with a narrow aisle forklift.

In summary, every company has different circumstances for their potential decisions involving warehousing. Therefore, we believe there is no “cookie-cutter” way to help make these decisions. Gathering information and applying it in the proper way will make the decision-making process more clear. Let us help you gain the confidence needed for your next warehouse space planning project. Call us at 800-722-5908.

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Senior Warehouse Design Specialist Brian Koski

Author of “Industrial Warehouse Space Planning”

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